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Thread: Finished Maps Thumbs

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr.Rope View Post
    If it is the same one I'm seeing right now, then it is this:

    Seems like the URLs are just a bit amiss there. Clicking on a thumbnail directs you to though it should probably be without the extra forum part in the beginning.
    I don't get that - it directs to www, not forum for me. What is your browser/OS?

    -Rob A>

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    What a great thread! Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobA View Post
    I don't get that - it directs to www, not forum for me.
    Gah, I must've been talking about the wrong thumb pages here. I was referring to the ones listed in the very first post in this thread, posted all the way back in 2009. If snowlorenzo was having problems with some other page, then that's another story.

    (BTW, I just noticed that the issue I was talking about (and its solution) have been mentioned in this thread before (the last two posts on page 8, at least). So it appears that there's nothing new here. My bad, should've checked at least one of the previous pages before posting this same stuff here again.)

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