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    Quote Originally Posted by guyanonymous View Post
    I am noticing, though, if you're picky, that the shadows aren't consistent. Sometimes the appear to be coming from different directions (looking along rivers, etc).
    The sun is "positioned" in the top right hand corner. I tried to use shadows along the river to indicate that some of the banks are quite a bit higher that the water and sometimes even higher than the opposite bank by having them cast some shadow onto the other bank.there are a few places where both banks are at water level (one being at the beach to the west of the town). As I pln to use this technique again, could you point out some of the places where you think I screwed up?

    I know I made errors, and would like to know where they might be hiding

    And thanks all for the comments
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    Kudos on a very nice map! The views must be amazing! =)

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