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Thread: Noble House / Ground Level / DD3

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    Good stuff. I like how you have the things turned just a bit so that it's not so static looking. Only one thing missing...a hearth of some sort to cook stuff on; and I'd probably also put the fountain in the basement...due to the weight it might fall through the floor. Those are purely architectural things so if you like it then keep it as is
    Actually, the basement only takes up the front end of the house. That fountain drains out to reveal a staircase leading down to a secret temple below the house. The kitchen has (what's supposed to be) two wood stoves, but you can't see them that well for them being in the shadows at the top I thought about adding a large cauldron as well (hehe), but the symbol set I was using (the dungeon designer 3 colored set) is a little limited. Glad you guys like the font better! I'll get the other stuff (upstairs and downstairs) posted soon.

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    Excellent job! It's very cozy, but with slight creepy feeling. It's great. I don't know how I feel about the window "sun light", but over all it's great.

    As others have said: make more.

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