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    Awesome map. First time I have seen it here so I might have missed it before. I love the old fashioned look it has and the images in the corners. Very very nice. Really hanging at a resort? Wow, that is cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyotemax View Post
    Jezelf: i understand what you're saying. I was kind of going for a weathered printing press style map, but the distressing to the text wasn't working too well in keeping it readable so I compromised.

    Wait till you see the next one I'm doing in this sort of style
    yeah making it readable is best. other options are having a older font that is more of the era, like on this from 1766 - the text is intact and readable but of it's time...also rather than distressing the text you can fade it a touch using the Fill % on the layer or Opacity% (in PS), or even make the text off-black and then do a slight inner-glow of black as if the ink as faded a bit - but all just suggestions, I've found that sometimes I can spend hours being arty and it just doesnt work better than keeping it simple - dont get me wrong - it all looks wonderful! looking forward to you next.

    some other older maps of that era - that might be of useful reference.

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