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Thread: New map

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebax2k View Post
    Your maps are very well executed HandsomeRob, they look like something I can buy in a map shop. I'd like to see a Gantau map one day (although given how large the country is, the map for it will be huge). I also liked your city map of Jushalishuk, it had a very nice Bedouin/desert feel to it--I hope you decide to do other city maps as well.
    You'll notice that HandsomeRob has "Industry Professional" beneath his nic. He is an actual cartographer in real life and thus you can understand why it looks like something you could buy.
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    Did you, by chance, work on the Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World? The plate you shared is very similar in style to a plate I have of Carthage. Love this style, it works very well for a more Academic style of atlas. Post some more!
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Cartographist View Post
    What is your plan with this atlas project? Are you just designing a world for the fun of it or is there more to it?
    Isn't that enough? Yep, it's a world designed just for the fun of it. Eventually I'll have the entire planet mapped out at a similar scale to this map; I'll keep you posted as I update. I also like to associate photos I find to my world, so most of my notes on this planet are just maps and photos at the moment.

    Quote Originally Posted by thebax2k
    like to see a Gantau map one day.
    It's on my list, although it will probably be spread out over 5 sheets.


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