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Thread: Port Sol

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    A map of the inside of the walls would be slightly righteous.

    I love the rough story and idea behind this town. The map looks clean and easy to use. It makes me wish I was earlier in my own campaign so I could use this city.

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    Holy Super-thick walls, Batman!
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    Well, I already toyed with the idea to do a dungeon map for some time! I'd just like to give it a try, because I imagine it to be quite different from designing city maps. I'm not a big fan of DMing dungeon crawls (at least not on higher levels) and - until now - couldn't think of a dungeon worth mapping. Mapping the vaults nd sealed crypts within (and under) the (freaky damn huge) walls is a great idea! I wonder why I didn't think about this myself... Well, I can't promise that my next map will feature these dungeons (first I have to see, how the campaign evolves and which locations need mapping first!), but there's quite a big chance, that there'll be a Port Sol dungeon map in the near future...

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    Excellent plan, I look forward to it!

    My finished maps
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