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Thread: Westeros - a fan project

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    I haven't yet. I saw you needed a minimum number of posts to PM someone and I didn't want to spam the page. He mentioned earlier that printing it for personal use is fine so I thought I would check and see if there was a copy floating around.

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    Has this been posted yet (so many to read through...). Monks has pointed me at this which was pointed to him from Ozy off the Outerra forum...

    Your map on google earth. The news site isnt referencing your authorship but the original news site did as well as the guy is on his page. So links in order of increasing rawness...

    Explore the Game of Thrones "Westeros" in Google Earth | Google Earth Blog
    Google Maps Mania: A Game of Thrones on Google Maps
    google earth :

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freezbee View Post
    This map is truly awesome !

    Is it possible to have a version without typo, or with a typo I can edit ?

    I had the bad idea to read the book in my mother tongue, French, and every location has a different name...
    I'd like to traduce the map, because in French, there's only that available...

    Some names have a really surprising translation :

    for example :

    Summerhall -> Lestival
    Evenfall Hall -> La Vesprée
    Night Song -> Séréna

    So it's quite hard for us to use this wonderful map while reading. A shame !
    I was wondering the same thing??

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    I'm coming in a little late, but I do want to let you know how cool that map is.

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