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Thread: Farathor

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    Man! I was in such a hurry that I didn`t noticed all those things, and you`re absolutely right!
    I got to study more geology, geography and stuff... sorry guys!
    Thanks for notice that!
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    No problemo. Good luck with all future mapping endeavors!
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    Hang out here for a month or two and you'll be up to speed in no time.
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    Mistakes or not the style of this map and its execution is so... beautiful that it makes my eyes bleed!

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    To stem off from the critiques and to inflate what must now be your now two-dimensional ego, I love this map. It's absolutely perfect for the D&D campaign I DM. The only problem is the location names (I already have established ones! ) It's beautiful artwork, though.

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    Personally, I love the desert and the ice lands, but I find that the rest of the land looks a bit... dull in comparison. maybe next time use some more vibrant colors for the rest of the land.

    otherwise great map, I am really fond of this type of style (though I lack the ability or patience to use it)

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    Average on this board is a very high standard, and I hold entries to it. But what you're got here is above average in presentation. It is a fascinating and enjoyable piece of artwork, and from that perspective, worthy of a high mark.

    From a technical aspect, it has some challenges, which you've heard some of already. What I am going to tell you is not an effort to get you to change anything that you've done, because I would enjoy having your map framed and hanging on my wall, but to put a bug in your ear in case you decide to continue making maps and don't want them to suffer from technicalities.

    First and most glaring is SCALE. Looking at your map and the details, I concluded that the details were a bit exaggerated if the continent was about 500 miles across. That is forgivable because we often exaggerate for effect. But the scale of the land mass is enormous according to your scale marker, which makes some things unreasonable. An hour or two with Google Earth is a cheap date and helps you to learn the scale of things at certain resolutions. I often work with maps at one pixel per mile, so that's where my expectations are set, but you can right-size anything with a little time and effort.

    Some of the things that are too big for the map: The lone mountain, most egregious of all of your mountains, with a base perhaps 500 kilometers. The lakes are all the size of France or all of Europe--not impossible but consider the geo-techtonic gymnastics that would be required for that to occur. The forests are gobsmackingly huge, with the largest covering an area 2/3 the size of the US. That isn't eterna, that's infinita.

    Again, future reference, because I can see you creating a masterpiece some day that doesn't suffer from these faults. Your technique is stunning and the conceptualization impressive. Other than the over-saturation of frame (gaudy) and the obscuring clouds (too easy to do and we see a lot of it), it's darned-near perfect. I gave it a rating that less than 10% of the entries I rate ever get. Bravo and I hope to see more from you.

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