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Thread: The City of Dir'ht - by Karithina

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karithina View Post
    I'd love to use my world for a tabletop rpg some day (a bit hard at the moment in the town I'm living in, I'd have to wait until I move to a bigger city in a couple of years).
    VTT (Virtual tabletop) might be an option. I've never tried it, but there are several people here who use it and/or make maps for it.

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    Thanks for updating with a larger map. Much more to see now.

    I love the amount of detail in this. Especially where the city gets tight and crowded.

    The large blocks with the cracks in them in old dirt look out of scale to everything else though. Originally I thought the cracks were trees, something about how the cracks overlay both the blocks and the ground as one unit.

    But I think my favorite bit is the playpark being adjacent to the cemetary. That sounds like adventure waiting to happen.
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    Post nice town map

    Good work but I would suggest bringing up the overall contrast. You lose a bit of the magic with the rather dark value range. I would build a quick levels or curves adjustment layer and bring up the highlights and mid-tones while keeping the shadows rich and deep. Play with the adjustment layers positioning too (Above and below the text) to see what effect it has on the text's readability.
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