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Thread: Siete Torres - The City of Seven Towers

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    As you can see, I haven't been spending a lot of time reading the boards this month. Thank you guys for the praise. As stated before, I stood upon the shoulders of giants to create it, so I don't pretend to be totally responsible for the outcome. I encourage anyone who really likes Siete Torres to follow Ascensions's city tutorial from whence the gorgeous river came, and to take inspiration as well from Coyotemax's Cruzament de Rio, both of which are linked in the OP.

    As for the bridge shadows, I can add nothing to CM's explanation, which is spot-on. I agree that it was awkward having one bridge that happened to line up almost perfectly with the light source, and that the view of the bridge from overhead didn't give clues to it's structure beneath. Had I planned the bridges before I created the geography, I would have done things a bit differently. But of course I didn't know then that the river would turn out well or that the bridge would a big "wow" item.

    Most of my favorite parts of the map just sort of came out that way, without me knowing they would be as cool as they turned out. The market tent was one, and that a second attempt after the old adobe buildings I'd put there before didn't work out well. The flags in the inner city were another. The giant lilies in the moat and pots of dyes and tanning solution were other things that really gave back more than the effort put into them.

    Of course the shield icons were a big favorite, and I liked them from the very first one put on the monastery. I am sure I will use that device again.

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    Nice map! I like colored banners and the shadow effect on the bridge. I also really like how you've created a legend packed with icons to label everything; A very nice touch!

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