Thanks for all the comments!
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“The houses look very well done. Are they brushes?”
I wish. I wanted to use a brush, because you can set a brush to randomize scale, rotation, etc. but I realized that brushes don’t preserve color

The other issue with brushes is that they wouldn’t know which side of the roof to shade with respect to the west-south-west light source.

So each house is actually its own Group in Photoshop, consisting of a chimney layer and a roof layer, each with their own drop shadows (so that both drop shadows would point in the proper direction). Copy, paste, scale, rotate. Repeat ~200 times.

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“The layout seems a little.. random,”
Heh yeah; I guess that’s what happens when you use a random town generator. I don’t know why I wanted to remain so faithful to the randomly generated layout – I guess next time I’ll try to put some thought into layout. Any tips on that are welcome (do you just mean aligning the houses with the roads? Or do you also mean the layout of the entire city plan?)

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“Did you use a brush for the houses on a mask with varied roofing colors on the layer masking it?”
I didn’t use a brush for the houses for the aforementioned reasons, but you’re about correct about the roofing colors. The base house “template” I used had a wooden roof color. I applied a mask over that with the copper color, using a posterized cloud filter to make the copper distribution uneven. Then I overlaid the oxidized copper color in a separate mask in a similar fashion. I played around with both masks so that one area looked more rich and well-maintained, and another looked particularly poor (probably not clearly visible).

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“The one thing that's a little off is the shadows.”
Agreed. I saw the problem, but didn’t know how to fix it short of manually drawing in the shadows for all ~200 buildings. I wish Photoshop had a filter that would automatically “tie” drop shadows to the figure that casts the shadow.

If you, or anyone else, know a way of accomplishing this, I would be very appreciative.

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“I think the thing I like the most is the care and attention to detail you took with the river banks. Good job with the realistic sediment build-up on the angles.”
Heheh thanks. Finally some use came out of that Geology degree I have! I’m glad someone noticed those point bars and cut banks