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Lovely looking map, Sapiento. I don't know if I am just some kind of sexual deviant or what, but when I first read the title it popped into my head as "City of Genitialia" and now every time I see the title it makes me chuckle.
Oh, and get some sleep.
Genitalia?!? Didn't cross my mind, but now that you mention it.
The problem is: when I sleep, I dream of maps!

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Yeah, I very muck like this style for city maps. Great work!
One of the annuals for Campaign Cartographer 3 contains a style much like this one. Almost purchased it... didn't as the annuals have 12 months of content and I didn't like buying it for only 1 month of content.
Thank you. I think I browsed through the gallery once and saw the map, a b/w IIRC.