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Thread: Lykarnia

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    Default Lykarnia

    This is a commission piece that I did for Big Iron Vault for their rpg: World of Lykarnia.

    The map shows Lykarnia (natch). The brief was to do this map in a similar style to my previous maps, Vaniya and Aronbor, but during the creation I was fiddling with various settings and blend modes and Keith at BIV liked the way it was going and decided to let me run with it, which was cool, giving me a chance to try other things that I wouldn't ordinarily have done.

    There aren't many labels on the map at the moment per request. Obviously it would look better if it was packed with lots of nice labelling but Keith at BIV will have the final PSD file so he can add labels as he populates the map more.

    This is posted at 50% size. I'm not sure if the full-sized image will be a free download from his site or available only for those who purchase the rpg. You can see several areas from the map at full size in the WIP thread. Keith said in the WIP that he will post notes on the various regions around Lykarnia for background for your own RPG's if you so require. So bug him for those if you'd like them.


    I've posted the initial sketch that I worked from for comparison, should anyone be interested. It shows more labels but these weren't required. The label "the marches" has moved to a different area. I think that whole area basically stretches from White City to where it has been placed. Anyway, it was changed on a subsequent image I received showing where the cities and labels needed placing, hence the move.

    Fonts in the map are:
    Ancestory SF for the cartouche (downloaded from
    ITC Garamond for the labels on the map. I think this is a standard PS font? Can't remember downloading it.

    The textured paper background is from Coyotemax, downloaded from his thread in the mapping elements forum so thanks a lot for that.

    Thanks to all those who offered advice, thoughts and inspirational comments in the WIP thread. As some know, I had a break in the middle of creating this and the comments in the WIP thread helped create the impetus to get back into it. So thanks for taking the time to comment.

    This map is Copyright of Big Iron Vault.

    I guess it's now on to the next one...
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    Beautiful Job!
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    This is stunning!

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    Wow Ramah, that is awesome. I love the dreamy quality. The farms are great, everything is great.. Very nice work!

    Reped for sharing.
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    Oh my.

    That's just awesome.
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    Very very nice, I'm impressed.

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    Wow... just wow. I am awed.

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    This is what I mean with "humiliating newbies" :-) Superb job.

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    Love it. Simply excellent.
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    Cool, cooler, the coolest.
    Great job on the colouring! And the mountains are simply stunning.
    I'd give some rep if I knew how to do that xD (I don't even know if I CAN atm)
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