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Ohhhh, not as bad. I thought he had sold it to the microstock people.
That's what I thought as well. While I feel some relief knowing this person "only used" his image rather than actually selling it himself it is still a really wrong thing to do. Sorry this happened to you RobA
It's people like that who can make you hesitant to be so helpful next time. Nobody likes to be taken advantage of. Cartographer's Guild is full of helpful people and that community spirit is one of the beautiful things about it (above and beyond the maps of course). I would be very angry if I found out anyone here was being taken advantage of like this. I guess it's a personal hang up I have about things being just.

I HATE things that are unfair and unfortunately life is full of them. It would be nice if this $12.00 was that worst thing that happens to you but I doubt it. We just got back from vacation where my wife made a $ 3.50 per minute phone call using her credit card. Believe me she was done in under a minute! Yesterday we saw a charge for $ 34.00 and tracked it back to BBG Communications Fraud. I called the bank and hopefully they will kill it but based on what others have reported I am trying to brace myself.

Thanks for all the links as I will be checking them out as well.