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Thread: A dilemma

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    I would just repeat Ramah on this. 'Frankensteining' comes in many shapes and forms and if it is sufficiently distant to make a new work, then, it's a new work. None of us make anything absolutely new or original. Yeah, the landmass shape looks similar, but apart from that the style is quite differerent. If it were me, I'd just let it ride and be flattered.

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    but your is much better. so I wouldn't worry too much, I'm pretty sure he'll be sure to update the maps and give credit...
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    Actually, now that I've had to time to reflect on it I've come to realise that I may have overreacted. I'm proud of my work and while I am protective of it if someone is inspired by it I should be prouder. I apologise to the artist and hope no one harbours any ill towards him or me about this needless incident.

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    cool... and good form ... and we all care about our works, and therefor understand your dilemma - just good you've come to a "karmalishious" decision
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    I woulda been ****ed, too. That top continent looks so damn close and the lower one is so reminiscent. But it'll serve as a lesson to us all to start putting that lil logo thing on our maps for copyright.
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    Glad this seems to have worked out. This is why I always try to use my own stuff. I'm totally concerned that I will forget to attribute someone and they will call me on it. Not that I am super prolific right now but I hope to someday be able to pound out a lot more maps and stuff. I worry about brushes I have added to Gimp and stuff like that. I would just feel terrible to have a finished work and be all happy about it only to have someone come along and say, "Hey, that's my bushes you have there. How come you didn't give me any credit?"

    As far as the CC logo I would like to see an example of this on a map so I can figure out what I need to do for myself. I'm still pretty new to the whole copyright stuff.

    Finally, LonewandererD, I think you reacted as a typical person would. It took a little while for the sting to wear off and put it in perspective but you seem to have found your peace with it at this point. At least the guy sounds like he wasn't trying to be a jerk about it. Hopefully he will add a comment on it and make everyone feel good about it. If not, it is still pretty cool that someone fell in love with your art enough to emulate it.
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    I would say they are similar but disimilar. I have seen tons of maps that come through here that bear a lot of resemblance to my old Campaign World. So much of a resemblance that they seem almost 'copied' but I know they are not. Some shapes just seem very similar.
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