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Thread: idea - A general 'world-building' subforum?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diamond View Post
    What about just having a stickied post where people could post links to their world-building sites?
    Good idea. I like that. Some where in this here internet I have a blog on just that subject.

    What with me being all busy looking for work (Let's just say I've given up on gis jobs and I'm hoping for a good McJob. Or... a McJob...) , my site has kind of fallen into doldrums. I'm open to folks willing to write guest-posts. You know, gratis, on spec, for 50% of Amazon receipts in the next week.


    I'll put you on my blogroll!...

    It'd be really nice if the Terrain Summit forum were to bubble back up. Failing that, The Zompist Bulletin Board has some good topics on world-building, though it's mostly on conlanging.
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