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Thread: New York Monsters???

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    Thanks again guys. I've taken on board what you've suggested and decided to post up the "starting" (ehem) sketch of this idea on the Challenge threads. I've added "The Beast from 20,000 fathoms" having watched the salient bits on youtube. The Coney Island bit is a tad tame - nobody gets et. All it does is munch on the roller-coaster! Huh.
    Anyway - I also remembered the "Hellboy" films which place a "Troll Market" under the "East end of the Brooklyn Bridge" - but I haven't sketched that as yet.
    Anyway - it's probably best to move any further suggestions over onto the Challenge thread from now.
    Again, thank you for the assistance!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crayons View Post
    In the meantime, this is a very quick and rough sketch idea for Mr Cloverfield giving the Brooklyn Bridge the old "once over" as an example of the sort of thing I was going to put on such a map...

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    omg I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard, that's bloody brilliant!!

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