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Thread: i'm thinking about making a town map in photoshop for my dragon age mod

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    Default i'm thinking about making a town map in photoshop for my dragon age mod

    I've looked at some tutorials on this site. Two by Ascensionthat didn't contain much in the way of doing things by hand whitch i apriciate since i'm not an artistic person and one made by pyrandon that contained a lot of fiddling with erasers and different brushes that was difficult for me. The latter however did have a closer zoom on the city itself while Ascensions didn't. Is there a guide that sort of combines the two techniques a bit? I'm especially having trouble making the land look good in pyrandons tutorial. I saw the sheinar map that had been published on the front page and was thinking there might be a tutorial on how to get that look?

    Another thing i've been thinking about is quick travel map icons. You see i have this map:

    I'm looking for hand drawn icons things that can be on the map, like a town and maybe a mine and such. Are there any available that i could download from somewhere?

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    Well up to know a2area hasn't made a tutorial on how he did the Sheinar map.

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