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Thread: Paper?

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    Well I can transfer the maps via stamp. Basicaly a wax transfer paper then seal with a resin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bkh1914 View Post
    If you really want to make old-fashioned parchment, you first need to have a source of raw animal hides. Deer, goat and sheep hides are thin enough and strong enough for parchment. I don't know where you live, but deer hides are often available for free during hunting season. (If you know the right hunters!)

    A good source of information is a tanning forum called The Hide Out! ( ) It's been a long time since I was there, but they had some good threads on making parchment.
    gotta love this forum - there is always someone who know the obscure place to look ... and "hide out" ... great name *lol*
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    Parchment and Paper are two very different things. Parchment is very thin, stretched rawhide. Paper is essentially a plant fibre felt. "Parchment Paper" is paper impregnated with silicone for use in cooking.

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