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Thread: We're Doomed (or at least I am)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Oliva View Post
    I can confirm this report. I died several years ago after spending too much time behind my PC. This is no joking matter. This report should be taken seriously!
    This had me in stitches Thanks for the laugh.

    The more I read the comments, the more the study sounds like a load of bull to me.

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    I've spent way too much of my life looking at studies like this and that's why I changed careers...a well designed experiment can confirm any hypothesis that you can think up. It's pretty much a "duh" thing - 2 hours watching tv or 2 hours jogging...who's going to be healthier? Hmm, I wonder. People often confuse correlation with causality so the first question I ask in an experiment like this one is the old chicken and egg - which came first? Did watching tv lead to heart problems or were the heart problems already there (symptoms like short breath, lethargy, age, diet, etc) forcing the person to give up less strenuous activities like exercise and opt for passive activities like tv and computers? We'll never know, really. Plus this was all self-reporting and that can never be trusted. Lastly, they were all Scottish. Heh heh. It looks like some folks just whipped out some findings in order to keep their funding to continue sitting at their desks while telling other people to go out and jog.
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