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Thread: laying a monitor on it's back?

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    @Ascension - Wouldn't plexiglass be a better application here? It's lighter and so on, yes? I'm also not too worried about breakage since of all the folks who I play with I'm the most spastic LOL (You know the one most likely to bring my fist down on the table and startle everyone).

    If I get this to work I will take a picture.

    TMO - that sounds like a good idea, putting some holes to allow heat to escape.
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    The problem with plexiglass is that it turns yellow in time, how fast I never really tested but I know within a couple of years. But, yeah, safer than annealed or tempered glass but not sure about the price; I'm guessing 2 bucks per foot.
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    You can usually buy plexiglass in up to 8x4 ft sheets. Theres two kinds - acrylic / perpsex or the other type is polycarbonate. The latter is tougher and more scratch resistant but for what you are doing I would say either would be ok. Personally I think glass is not such a good idea. To get the weight down you would have to use thin glass which is kinda fragile. You can get sheets of acrylic as part of some cheap picture frames tho I guess they are less cheap when you need one huge... But those usually use somewhere between 1 and 2mm sheet plastic. It might not be stiff enough to hold its form over a wide horizontal surface edge tho. I would think 3mm would tho.

    Stuff like this:

    I think the heat might be an issue and I guess it depends on the monitor design. If it looks like it would get too hot then I think drilling a line of holes down one edge and mounting a fan on the other side would allow air to flow through the gap and out.

    Should get a quick plug in here that my VTT has a table top monitor / projector mode option so that you lose the border for full screen display. I know Battlegrounds RPG has that too. Not sure about the others. With mine you can set the screen width and height in real mm and then it maintains its real world scaling as well.
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    Random vent holes .... you might have to assign a die roll to "Timmy does / does not fall down the well" ...

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