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Thread: How many of you are roleplayers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfrazierjr View Post
    You might want to give Savage Worlds a try.
    Thanks for the tip...BUT (be warned, rant ahead ) a mathematically inclined person, SW just rubs me the wrong can a gamedesigner not take a look at his distribution?! It just baffles me. For example, on the d4, which in SW is a die for weaker abilties (in fact, for the weakest ability you can have), your chance of getting a 5 is higher than with the "better" d6 or any other higher die. That's just...argh!
    On top of that (which is kind of a un-sell me all on its own), it also uses a die step system, which i really dislike.

    I think i will have to build my own system to truly get what i want. The question is, will i ever get around to doing that? In the end, some of the sytems i mentioned are close enough to my sweet-spot so that all the work of building an own system seems kind of overkill.

    On that note, i said i like FATE, which is very hack-able...and yesterday, i started reading the Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies (which uses the PDQ system, tweaked for swashbuckling heroic play) and i have to say i really like it so far. Kind of like FATE, the system is very evocative but it is simpler than FATE. Might need to give this a try.
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    I am also a PnP RPGer, have been for 17 years now.

    We have a group that gets together more-or-less monthly to play primarily Pathfinder, though we occasionally foray into other games as well, such as Shadowrun, WoD D20, Rifts, and even pull out some 'legacy' games from time to time such as Mutant Chronicles or 1st ed D&D. We also cycle DM/GM's as well to prevent burnout.

    It's a great past time.

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    I am a gamer through and through. STarted with Greyhawk, migrated to Forgetten Realms, back to Greyhawk, and have also played games such as: Rifts, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, VIllans & Vigilliants CHAMPIONS, TOP SECRET & TOP SECRET SI, GAMMA WORLD (Original), and STAR FRONTIERS (Original). Currently we are playing a PEN & PAPER version of FALLOUT and I would LOVE to find a Pen & Paper system for the MASS EFFECT
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    Present! Middle Earth, Harn and Hyboria got me into this. I also recall some ridiculously detailed setting for Powers & Perils I think. I respect Glorantha but had a bad formative experience with Ducks; I should probably give it another chance. Always wanted to see a really tricked out map of the Young Kingdoms.

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    I roleplay! I like it, when there are a lot of people playing of course

    I have only recently (last month) started Roleplaying, so I don't know so much about it. I really love writing, so its fun for me. I've only roleplayed A Song of Ice and Fire as one of the houses set against another for the Iron Throne. I would have to say my settings, if I understand what that is, is fantasy-adventure. I am probably wrong about that though xD
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    I remember seeing the build up ads for D&D in the comics I was reading. I waited until the book store got it in and bought it right up. I was cleaning up from a beach party we had at Lake Geneva in Wisconsin at my Uncle's house and Gary Gygax came by walking his dog. I was young and didn't even know who he was until later. He asked me if I was interested in games somewhere along our conversation and I brought up D&D. He spoke as though he PLAYED it, and I thought that was strange. For a while I always thought it was weird that this older guy was talking to me about D&D. Then I saw a picture of him and freaked out. I will never forget that day.

    As for systems. I won't ever move past AD&D 2E as far as D&D. I have played GURPS. Judging by the the amount of people who play Pathfinder here and who I meet in the flesh, I may try it out.

    Settings: Forgotten Realms and anything generated by Needamedic through the years.

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    Checking in! I think I've always been a gamer at heart. Started out with making my own rules for battling with armymen with my friends at, I think, age 8 or 9. My first run in with a "real" pnp rpg was James Bond at age 12, although we didn't quite get the rules (being Norwegian, and all the rules were in English), but it was still fun.
    About the same time I bought myself Elfquest the rpg, and had brief encounters with Twilight 2000, Shadowrun, Top Secret, Star Wars, Robotech and ADnD, before a friend of mine bought himself Warhammer FRPG, which we played quite some while alongside Cyberpunk 2020, which I got myself after reading an article about it in Dragon. Still get the same weird feeling when I read that article again. This we played alot.
    Until I found an old "left-behind" copy of GURPS 3E at my house. A friend and me had tried out the play by numbers adventure in the back, and he had forgotten it at my place. We tried it a couple of times, and we were all very hooked on this game where you could be ANYTHING! I still play GURPS. Switched to 4E when that came out, and haven't looked back. I'm currently running three GURPS campaigns. My own fantasy homebrew, GURPS Fallout, and a Lego space-opera still in development.
    I also play Pathfinder, having switched from DnD when that awful, smelly thing called 4th Edition came out.....
    Hmmmmm, other rpgames I've played include Paranoia, Call of Cthulhu, Vampire, Alma Mater (a strange indie high-school(?) setting), and MERP.
    So, as you might get, my favorite system is GURPS, with Call of Cthulhu and Vampire on second and third.

    I also play Magic TG, both Warhammer and Warhammer 40k, and everything else I can get my hands on.... I'm a gamer throughandthrough, and I think my gf would be happier if I didn't talk AND walk RPG.......

    My favorite settings have to be Warhammer, Forgotten Realms, and Call of Cthulhu, the two former because of their long history and many many years of development. Cthulhu, beacuse[sic] of horror-filled dark-lit scary sessions...

    -Sigurd Sigurd Brutus Motor-

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    I also roleplay. Mostly D&D (3e mainly but occasionally 4e, and the IK and Eberron settings primarily). I also play Shadowrun and Vampire and I've briefly played many other systems. And I run L5R a lot, as well as a weird setting of my own that uses the Shadowrun system and some very short D&D campaigns (basically single adventures for people who need the occasional RP fix but can't commit to long-term games).

    As a result of that I make a lot of maps for RPGs, especially if it's a game I am personally running. It lets me put my skills to use too! But I also have a degree in Creative Writing and Linguistics and I have been working on a novel forever so I've got lots of maps and artwork I've done for that particular world. As well as all kinds of other random things I've done, a few of which occasionally get turned into RP games or inspire them.

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    I got the original White Box D&D [still have it] for Christmas 1974. I picked up add-ons like Eldritch Wizardry and Blackmoor when they came out. I've played AD&D - 3.5 and have a steady every other Sunday group of 40 year olds. I have played Traveller, Boot Hill, Top Secret, Champions and Gamma World.

    One of the boons of living in the SF Bay Area is that after a married couple in our group moved away, we put an add out at the local game store and had 142 unique hits in a week.

    I've been using FM8 and PS to make maps. I have gotten a few compliments, but am really wondering if the effort is worth it. Bastards don't care as long as they can smash things and grab fat loots.

    I just picked up CC3/CD3. I also have some roof/building tutorials I picked up for Gimp.

    Slowly, but surely.

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    My mother introduced me to 1st Edition D&D when I was about ten (I'm 22 now). Now, my preferred setting is Warhammer Fantasy. I've just begun my first attempt at GMing a few weeks ago and the plan is to meet every Sunday as schedules permit. I've got a small group (4 players, 1 of which is my husband) and I'm running a storyline of my own making. I don't by any means consider myself an architect or cartographer, and my art skills are limited primarily to organically shaped things (ie. people, animals, trees, etc). I can't draw straight lines, boxes, perfect circles, or anything mechanical, sadly. At least, I can't draw those things to my satisfaction.

    My husband starting gaming back in the late 80's when he was in high school and for a short while thereafter. He fell out of it when his group split and work demanded more of his time. We got married in 2009 and I pulled him back into the gaming world as a means of giving us a hobby we could do together.

    While I enjoy roleplaying as a player, the allure of being the GM, for me at least, stems from my early childhood literature - the Redwall Series by Brian Jacques. The way those adventures read, and played out, and how no two were ever quite alike even though they all took place in the same locations (mostly): that's what really got me hyped about reading/writing and consequently roleplay just seemed a natural extension of that for me.

    Sorry for the rant, but thought that might explain a few things. LoL. Anyway, like most GM's (or aspiring ones) I was drawn here by the need for maps that are at least a little better than chicken scratch. I'm hoping to learn the skills necessary for making those maps myself, of course.

    For my maps, btw, I used to use Paintshop Pro, but no longer having that program I'm now going to be attempting them in GIMP.

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