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    Um, yes. I'll stop threadjacking and get back to drawing my map. I just realised I was avoiding drawing a map (fun) by talking about physics (work). How's that for the wrong way round?

    I hadn't seen that xkcd. Very good!

    More than happy to mention progress at CERN as/when they turn it on.
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    Shall I take my turn now? Okey here it goes, back to topic:

    I'm also a network/system controller for a big international Japanese company. I've only done this for 5 months now, it's my first 'serious' job (since I'm only 21 years of age). Most of the time I'm just doing user support ("My Excel won't start!" "What does this message mean?", etc.). But sometimes I get pretty interesting cases to work on.

    Besides this job I'm studying System and Network Engineering. However, this is a lot more about creating and handling information systems than it is about technical ICT... I'm a bit disappointed by that.

    It's rather difficult to study and work at once, but I manage quite well.

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    I'm a network security engineer working for a Fortune 100 retail company. It's fun, challenging, and they pay me obscene amounts of money to keep hackers and script kiddies away from customer data.

    Let's see... married; 2.4 children; pampered suburban lifestyle; 3D and 2D artist; role-playing for... my god... 25 years.

    And what do I think of particle physics? I'm of the opinion that while the LHC at CERN is an amazing feat of engineering, we're not going to find Higgs there. In fact, we'll end up scrapping the entire standard model and... What's that? This thread's not about particle physics? But I thought... Oh. Well, then. Sorry about that.


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    I work in IT at a university in Chicago. Take THAT theoretical physics!!

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