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Thread: Pinterest - beware of what you do

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    Two observations from an old man #1 :The people with power make the rules and the rules are made give them that power. #2:There is no end to which a "POOR" Billionaire won't go to get another Dollar ! Everyone has a right to protect that which is theirs. Not what they believe should be theirs. and you better believe if they think they can make a buck off you every-time the word Fart comes out of your mouth they rewrite the laws to allow that to happen.
    I can't quote case numbers. But examples are made of unintentional cases all the time. If you win a local photography contest with your 5year old Sporting a "MILK MUSTACHE" and holding an "OREO"tm you shouldn't be subject to a million dollar lawsuit. Call Me provincial. Disclaimer : Not an actual case to my knowledge. Used as a scenario only. Doesn't represent the opinions of the owners or operators of the guild or the hosting server or the software developers but maybe the guy who developed the internet and clearly didn't have the common sense to reserve all rights to it so he could sue me for posting this !!! Ah I feel better Point don't ever "ASSUME" you have the "RIGHT" to breath without permission. Any of you who have downloaded or will ever download any of my work from here it is cash and carry send Me the Money order first !! ;P
    "Aye The skies be clear , the seas be calm and the winds be with us .....

    ARGH!! but the damn compass be broken!! "

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    What with this weeks signing of extradition of a man for copyright issues from a country (yes, mine) where what he did was, at this point in time, legal, I present this next most interesting little snippet that's occurred this week as part of the EU copyright reforms and affects us all since its dealing with orphaned works. This... is classic.

    Every week it just gets more and more absurd.

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