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Thread: First posted map.

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    Wip First posted map.

    I have been drawing maps for years on paper, but this is the first time I used the computer. Used a package called (it was free). I wanted a simple map for a Sword and Sorcery role-playing game. Loosely based on the map in Baests and Barbarians and whole lot of borrowed and made up stuff.
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    It's a simple map but it is very clear and informative (two of the most important things a map should be) and still looks good. I like it.

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    You get good results out of - nice job. I like the layout, the coastlines, the overall effect. Crisp pixellation instead of antialiased is kind of my thing, so I approve of the style.

    If it seems to limit you, there's other free graphics packages too :-).

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