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Thread: Looking For Free Area Calc Software?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfrazierjr View Post
    Sooo... now how about posting up some maps from Paint.NET? I downloaded it the other day just to play around, and some of the fairly easy things from GIMP I was not able to figure out how to do in it. I think it would be nice to see what kind of stuff can make out of it without to much work.

    Ahem, well, I'm not that big an artist. Mainly using CC3, and that stuff looks still crappy. I prefer Paint.NET over GIMP simply because I never got the hang of the GIMP GUI. Not having one window to rule them all, one window to find them, one window to bring them all and in usability bind them is difficult to get used to.

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    My random map generators and GIMP scripts:

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