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Thread: How do you beat procrastination?

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    I do ok generally but I get distracted by alot.
    For me, I get great inspiriation that I cant do anything about because im at work. Then when I get home I get distracted by lots of other things. Whats sad is most of those other things are things that need done...or things I want done. My biggest problem is being able to finish all the things that need doing, then doing the most productive things that I want to do...often I want to do my art, and mapping but after doing all the other things that needed done, im too lazy to to the things i want to do, so end up doing a computer game or reading a book.

    I guess having a list of things to do, and setting priorities to it, and going through it like a checklist would help.

    But question for you all...what about those days that are long and draining? how do you catch back up?

    btw, a little about me so I seem less of a lazy person I am a single father of an 11 year old daughter with asburgers.

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    Procrastination for me is research, so to beat I need to bring myself to admit I'm already an expert in the field and no additional research is needed. Which is tough!
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