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Thread: Call For FAQ Editors!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfrazierjr View Post
    Would it be possible to put FAQ in upper case in the thread title. 1) with the underlineing from the link, it looks like a 'g' instead of a 'q' 2) with the mistaking of the q for a g, it's may now be construed as an "obscene" word and may cause filters to block access to the site in some way.

    Filters will see the letters as they are not as they are perceived to be so they won't have any affect. Just an FYI.
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    But a visual recognition filter would be cool... maybe we could invent it?? a little scanner that can see when someone is being all NASTY .... and puts a little black box over the spot like they have on the news all the time
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    Quote Originally Posted by delgondahntelius View Post
    joe is too hard on himself... I see alot of low self esteem issues that float around... i've been known to dabble in it myself from time to time.... But is a handy guy, being that his advice has helped me on more than one occassion and more than one map I think you should just shanghai him, don't even ask ... just wrap a bag over his head and drag him over
    I'm gonna do that...Joe...yer in...if ya want out ya gotta have a good reason

    I'm also closing the FAQ Team to new applications at the moment...if we need more, we'll ask again.
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