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Thread: Wacom announces full tablet models

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    Quote Originally Posted by waldronate View Post
    The article also says that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a pressure sensitive digitizer and it sells for less than $400. It's an Android device, though, which may limit its application for certain folks. I'm sure there's a whole host of Android units out there, but I admit that I didn't look too hard. My eyesight is too old to work with much less than a 10" screen, so I tend not to consider the smaller devices.
    I bought one of those for my better half. She hates typing on virtual keyboards so the stylus works brilliantly for here. I've played with the built in drawing applications and the pressure sensitivity works very well.

    I have seen demos using purchased apps - the best/most popular seems to be Sketchbook Pro:

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    Looks really interesting, but the price is rather high. The android version wouldn't be too interesting due to no full photoshop so it has to be one of the windows versions. If I had the money I definitely would buy one. Unfortunately that won't happen, but I'm still pleased with my cintiq 13hd.
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    Regarding Windows 8:

    I agree with jMango, the interface works pretty well on my wife's Samsung tablet but it's a pain in the tush on my Laptop. I installed the little app that makes it act like windows 7 but it just drives me batty when my mouse comes near the edges and those stupid pop-out menu deals slide out. I NEVER FREAKING WANT THAT!!!

    I think the real breakdown comes because my screen is not touch. So, bottom line, if you are using it on a touch device I don't think it'll bug you that much.
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    The Android version does have the advantage that you can plug it into another computer, and it will act like a regular Cintiq. But yes, the lack of production software would limit its use for me, too.

    Jax: I hate that "feature" too! It's among the first things I turn off when I sit down at a new workstation. Pretty much all of the "smart" controls go away, and I turn off the resource hogging themes. By the time I'm ready to work, a Windows 7 or Vista box looks an awful lot like Windows 2k. I turn off Spaces and Expose on a Mac, too. My wife insists that they're a huge productivity booster, but I just don't see it. If I send my pointer to the corner its because I want it out of the way, not because I want some kind of box popping up and covering my work! Or maybe because it's been naughty and needs a "time out."
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