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Thread: Looking for a "feminine" city design

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    Check out Tar Valon, the Aes Sedai city in the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Ruled by females for thousands of years, and a distinctly feminine shape if you've got a dirty mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHoarseWhisperer View Post
    EDIT: Atpollard, I didn't see your latest post until after I'd added this comment. You've provided a reasonably detailed and sound possiblity for how a 'feminine' city might look. I have to say it doesn't sound that different from a male-dominated city, but it's still pretty good. And you are absolutely 100% completely and totally right: imagination is the only limit to the possibilities.
    The devil is always in the details.

    To use your analogy to flesh it out, the feminine core is southern Italian in character, surrounded by a canal with ceremonial bridges to a social quarter where men and women meet, which is in turn surrounded by an Amsterdam dense urban men's section.

    It is not the forms which are unique, it is the juxtaposition of forms that is unusual.

    [and this was one of many possibilities]
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    Well, as soon as I read the first post I started thinking... and then as I read onwards I realized that everything I had been thinking had already been said, and with much more thought put into it than I could offer. But I still have two cents to chip in! My first thought was that you could try reading a bit of Jane Jacobs' writing on cities and communities, or, probably better, read about what Jane Jacobs has written. I think that an emphasis on communal spaces might be the way to go, I really like the idea that was mentioned about of having larger extended-family dwellings.

    I'm very interested to see what is generated here!


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    Wow. To say that I'm pleasantly surprised at the amount and scope of the feedback this thread has generated in less than 24 hours would be an understatement. I appreciate all of it. I'm still pretty new at crafting a fantasy world in general, hence why I reached out, and it's quite refreshing to be on a forum where I can ask an honest question and not have to deal with angst-ridden trolls. (Which is more than can be said for a LOT of forums, no matter the subject material, but nevermind!)

    I'm still working on the nitty-gritty of how the society itself is run, so I'm not really able to respond just yet on how the more nuanced aspects will play out. However, again, I do appreciate everybody's feedback and would gladly welcome more. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread to see what else is said and all of your feedback is noted.

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    There is also the plain fact that the structure and planning of a city are directed by those in power either through financial or political means, same thing with public or other significant buildings. I would suspect that the places of power and the areas of interest would differ for women to a great enough degree that it would easily effect a city layout and buildings. It may be subtle as some others suggest, but I think it would be definitely noticeable.

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    Android fan, a key question to ask yourself while working out the details of your society is why. Why did men dominate early society on Earth? Why is your culture different? If your history has deep-seeded roots, the modern conventions will be derivative. Answering the original difference will give you a reference point to return to whenever you do not know how to proceed. Good luck!
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    I enjoyed this thread! In designing things with the female in mind, you might change the colors and hues of some things. When designing rooms especially. A lot of the programs out there are pretty dark in colors. While a woman might like the darker tones, many would prefer a lighter color in the home. Such as softer reds and peach colors as opposed to the Dark reds and the Dark navy colors. When designing physically a specific city, you would need to keep those in mind too.

    The Roman idea posted previously on this forum was absolutely wonderful and I had not even thought of that. When I saw the original question my thought went directly to colors and hues.


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