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Thread: Caravan Adveture

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    Yeah, it is a shame that this fizzled...I still look back at it every now and then... i am not sure I would have too much time available for this again. I think Jax is right about not having a Lead for a project like this.
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    I have to say that for a basic design we are most of the way there. Jax has done an awesome job bringing the Cup to life and now we need some people with game experience to create relevant encounters. As I posted earlier I am still willing to be a part of this project from the creative/writing standpoint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamerprinter View Post
    Even when this was project was first proposed, I seriously considered volunteering as leader, however, then as now, I was buried in existing publishing work that prevented my involvement at the time. My time availability has not abated, but gotten worse. Still if I ever do see a window, I'd consider volunteering to take the reigns - I have a few years experience doing game design/development and prepping for publication, so I could do this (if I had time...)

    I hear ya, I thought this new new "part time contract" work was going to give me more time but I've slowly been sucked into the vortex of insanity. Good for money, bad for time and I'm really not liking my lack of drawing lately. I do believe this will settle out a bit once I get a handle on keeping them from unrealistic expectations....HA! I need to just put my foot down on how much I am available for them. *sigh* Life has a way of kicking your tail up.

    Maybe if we made some posts over in the thread again we could see who is still around for it?
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    I've been wondering about the sub-forum for quite a while as well.
    On a side note, i'd be more than willing to help

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    If this were to start up again, I'd be very interested in helping out. I have pretty much no art/mapping skills, but love love love world-building.

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