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Thread: The most beautitull maps of Fantasy ficiton?

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    Default The most beautitull maps of Fantasy ficiton?

    Hello , what are for you the most interesting shapes and maps of the fantasy world made till now by fantasy fiction authros as well as games or the like?
    Also classify them according not only on beauty of draw , but also on realism , and shape definition ...

    One of my favourites are the Hyborian age map that mi ics a kind of future pangea world , also Tolkien map but its kind of flat and boring somehow , the mars map of John Carter of mars , the Dune world map ( nothing special bit I found interesting to have a map based on pole. For rest I dom't know many maps.
    The one of elder scrols honestly its pretty unrealistic .
    The Magnamund map of lome wolf was pretty interesting and ultradetailed.
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