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Thread: Cartographers ... a tribute

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    Default Cartographers ... a tribute

    Cartographers live in worlds that no one has ever seen or ever will. Worlds of soaring mountains topped with rocky crags overlooking dense forests of uniform grey and green trees. Worlds of winding rivers and of foaming oceans mapped only by a faint compass rose. Worlds of uniform little villages of tiny houses near the ruins of great castles, connected by wandering pale grey roads. Worlds of fantastic creatures lairing in dungeons and caverns waiting only to be slaughtered for their immense treasure hoards. Worlds of warring lands, seeking only to change the light red borders and the coats of arms on the maps. Worlds of galactic empires connected by wormholes, inhabited by countless alien races, floating through an infinite nebulae against a backdrop of stars. Others may marvel at our maps, but these are worlds that only we can ever truly visit.
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    I got chills reading this! Great description of what it feels like to be a part of this wonderful site!
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    That's pretty good. I guess I never looked at it that way, but it's true.
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