View Poll Results: Which computer application do you use most frequently for map-making?

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  • Campaign Cartographer (and its add-ons)

    23 47.92%
  • Corel Draw

    4 8.33%
  • Dundjinni

    4 8.33%
  • Dungeon Crafter

    0 0%
  • DungeonForge

    2 4.17%
  • Illustrator

    1 2.08%
  • A 'Paint' program

    2 4.17%
  • Photoshop

    7 14.58%
  • Other

    5 10.42%
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Thread: Preferred Mapping Software

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    CC2 has been my software of choice, combined with lots of Photoshop and 3d Studio (started with the DOS version, now up to Max v, plus a smattering of VistaPro and Bryce.

    I'm about to start a major re-mapping of my campaign world (4th in 27 years), and I'm waffling about CC3 (I own it, but haven't started using it yet).

    Like everyone else, I hate the CAD engine GUI. Everything is so bass-ackwards that it's actually painful to me to use, and the lack of documentation is frustrating.

    I've looked at Dunjinni, but I've never seen much in the way of great world/overland maps done with it. I'm watching the progress on Cartograph as well, but I'll probably end up going with CC3.


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    Hi Loydb,

    True, Dundjinni was originally created for top-down mapping purposes. Some people have extended it's use to campaign and iso mapping as well though. Not that DJ is made for those, but you can ...
    There are samples at the forum that show there is a lot possible for overland mapping ...
    Also visit Dundjinni, Four Ugly Monsters, the Nook, Battlegrounds Games, Fantasy Grounds, RPTools, RPGMapShare, Eruvian, Dragon Roots, RPG Virtual Tabletop, Troll Lord Games, GameMaster Syndicate and meny, many others

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorne
    I'd be interested in seeing some samples of your maps drawn in Flash - I don't know the first thing about the program, and I'd like to see its capabilities.
    I'll second that! I'd like to see what can be done in flash.

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