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Thread: We want a map!

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    We've all been there.
    You map out an area in detail with floorplans, cool encounter locations pouring your soul into the adventure... And then the players just walk on by and doesn't take the hook.
    GMs never get enough credit.

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    Or you give them 25 legitimate clues and one red herring, which an NPC tells them right out is irrelevant, and they still pursue the wrong thing.

    Ironically, that particular event resulted in one of the best sessions I've ever run. I was totally unprepared for it, but it worked great anyway.
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    I think there is a level of consideration that makes players explore a good map well and find what it has to offer. I appreciate when players take an interest. I think it improves the game. The players know it took some work to make. I usually make sure that I threaten to pass the DMing to someone else at regular intervals. That makes the players a little more considerate of anyone doing the work.

    I find a similar reaction to people on the site asking for maps when:

    a) they haven't looked at what is available - really a lot can be adapted from finished works
    b) they don't know what they want - if they don't know you will likely not read their mind
    c) they cant supply _any_ visual reference at all - starting from something is much much easier than starting with nothing
    d) its free work - always be considerate of volunteers
    e) they need it in 3 days - how important is this?

    Little things like Req = request not 'Required'
    If its important enough to map its certainly important enough for a page+ of organized description and\or some links....
    Look around for a point of comparison or adaptation. If its a private game, file the names off another map or adapt your storyline - storytellers do it all the time.

    This is not meant to discourage map requests by posters (or players for that matter) but to underline that there are ways to treat mappers well. If you treat them well they will stay on projects and you get better maps.



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