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Thread: Roleplaying City Map Generator

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    There is even a tut about making a city map in Photoshop (pyrandon's Medieval Town Map) here that uses the RCMG as a starting point. I tried to follow the tut in Gimp with the thread here.

    I like it for the starting point that it gives you. It might take a few tries to get a decent city to start with though.
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    I've used this generator as a starting point as well. Korash is spot on about taking a few tries before you find something that works. I also second pyrandon's Medieval Town Map tut (I should mention that Korash's GIMP tut is great as well, but I'm just used to using Photoshop ).

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    Post eh...

    While I find its road placement and street plan useful, the buildings are too spread apart for a realistic medieval city map, so I hardly find the app useful. Its a better app than many, but not helpful to my needs, so I never use it.

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