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Thread: What are your essential (non-cartographic) software picks?

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    I maintain a list of Mac software recommendations on another server. Might need to update that fairly soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cancerlad View Post

    CARCASONNE IS A VIDEO GAME? OMG! I love the tile placing game. I need to investigate this.
    I'll have to break it to you.

    I managed to snag it and Carcassonne 2 from a German company years ago for $5 each on a clearance.

    MS had bought the rights to electronic versions of the games for use on their online setup (Wii I think).

    These versions work wonderfully and make the game even more fun to play. To find them now, though, you'll have to either get lucky on Ebay or search the underworld of the internet. There is Carcassonne 2 (Hunters & Gatherers), Carcassonne (regular, no addons) and Carcasonne Deluxe (which has 3-4 expansions built in). Well worth doing. I actually contacted the company directly (Koch Media) and they regretfully had no solutions for me other than finding someone on Ebay selling one.

    It's worth it though.

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    I keep a copy of TidlyWiki on my ironkey

    and I looked at Crimson editor but it doesn't have a scheme language file

    Years ago I used UltraEdit but never bothered to buy an upgrade. It was fabulous and is probably worth my shelling out some cash again...

    -Ro A>

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    Quote Originally Posted by cancerlad View Post
    Gosh. I'm sure happy with the turn out! This is great.

    Have you tried out TidleyWiki? Its a personal, local, wiki designed to be stored on a flash drive so you can carry it around. I've been playing around with it, but don't know what use it would be. There was a script for exporting Yojimbo to it, but my Yojimbo DB is over 2 gigs, so it crashes Firefox when I try to load the wiki.

    I hadn't heard specifically of TiddlyWiki, but I'd tried several personal in-browser wikis and didn't really like them at the time. Even before I got ConnectedText, I preferred wikidpad to the in-browser personal wikis. What I particularly liked about ConnectedText is the graphical "Navigator" web that shows all the links between pages and the ability to customize my view and which navigational windows I had open, as well as all the other wiki-like features (categories, revision history, etc.)
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    Whaha, long time no post. Chiming in, in no particular order:

    MS Office 2003
    OpenOffice (for those documents MS Office can't handle, I honestly have a hard time working with OpenOffice, MS Office is much easier for me)
    Semagic (for posting to LiveJournal)
    Painter 10 (painting, sketching, etc)
    Paint Shop Pro 9 (image editing)
    Firefox with a host of plugins (Chatzilla, Foxmarks, Adblock, Download Status Bar and Undo Closed Tabs at least)
    CCleaner (cleaning the pc of unnecessary stuff)
    JKdefrag (defragmentation tool)
    VLC media player
    Windows Live Messenger + Msg Plus

    That's about the minimum of stuff I use regularly. Not counting firewall and virusscanner (Comodo and Avast, respectively)

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