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Thread: screenshots?

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    I'm using FastStone Capture to take all the screenshots for Fantasy Cartography with Adobe Photoshop; you can capture the full screen, just the active window, marquee-selected regions, individual windows within a larger program (like, say, just the Brush window in Photoshop), freehand drawn regions, and scrolling windows. And you can choose the format and resolution for the screen shot (BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, PNG, or PDF).

    It's free for non-commercial use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RobA
    I'm using .NET 1.1 on XP

    And I just tried, and yes, it captures flash and video (youtube).

    -Rob A>
    Excellent, thanks! I'm glad it's .NET 1.1, because that's already required for CC3 software installation. I didn't want to have to install one of the other versions too.

    I'm still running XP too. In theory my current system could handle Vista, but I figure I'll wait until it comes installed on the next computer I purchase. If it ain't broke...

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