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Thread: I need some semi-off-topic artistic advice. (Sundial/Compass Render)

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    This looks to be a compass sundial combination...

    I love the render. Ironically I think that by making it the center of the picture and filling the image you reduce it to background as the eye looks for the center of what you've intended.

    I think the highest goal would be to reflect something significant into the glass of the compass underneath the upper glass bits.

    You might also widen the image to include something authentic and matte without a lot of detail. A contrasting item like a map or a canvas bag would be good - something mundane.

    It would be brutishly difficult but very cool if you could make the render the subject of a drawing going on in the picture. That would be a render of a render in a rendering.

    Failing that I like the idea of a pillar in white or a contrasting colour. If you could combine the rich metals with a rich marble it would pop!.

    Dollhouse Syndrome = The temptation to turn a map into a picture, obscuring the goal of the image with the appeal of cute, or simply available, parts. Maps have clarity through simplification.

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    well you found my inspiration piece lol.

    I'm thinking of modelling the box that its stored in, and having the box with the velvet interior open and sitting on the table next to it. The instrument will be in the bottom right of the scene, and the box will be in top left. I'll change the time of day to early evening which will subdue the white window light from directly above and opposite of the camera and enhance the warmer incandescent light thats behind the camera.

    I'll also put a map in the scene that looks like its usually rolled up, and have some stones or something holding the corners down. Could end up really nice.

    Some advice I learned for any other 3d studio users here that want to fool around with photometric lighting...SCALE is very important. If you want your object to look small, model it small. use real size units. lol
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    great modeling. can't wait to see the new version regardless of what you choose.

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    Sigurd hit the nail on the head with this one.

    - crop it, you want it to look epic and important, so make it take up most the space.

    -add some contrast! give it contrast with value and also contrast with color.

    -definitely throw a map underneath it, possibly have it tilted, with some subtle shadows on the map.

    -throw a couple other secondary and tertiary objects in the image. . make sure they are not competing for attention. They should amplify the mood.

    hope it helps! looks great so far

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