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Thread: Mouse vs. tablet

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    Default Mouse vs. tablet

    I've been a Cintiq user for a decade or more, and I love them. But my latest investment is by far the greatest; the Wacom Cintiq companion. Wow, what a tablet! For you who doesn't know, it's a Wacom tablet AND a Windows 8 tablet computer rolled up into one. It has pretty poor battery life, bit that's ok when there are no cables and you can bring it to the living room sofa and draw for hours. Love it!

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    My first tablet is supposed to arrive some time this week. I'm excited to try it...I know there will be a learning curve but I think it will really help me. Using the mouse to draw has never felt the least bit natural to me, I've always been disappointed in the result compared to drawing on paper.

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    I use a Yiynova MSP19U (though I haven't made a map with it yet), which is basically a Cintiq (i.e. a graphic tablet/screen hybrid) without the price tag. I saw this review ages ago, and ended up buying one. It's awesome. I've used a Cintiq in the past, and actually marginally prefer this, since it's more sensitive at lower pressure levels, which to me feels more natural.

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    I would like to know if there are any video tutorials for using a tablet. I bought a Wacom Bamboo model CTH-460 when I started my Graphic Design degree classes and have used it to sketch with, but I feel that I'm not using it to it's full potential. Can anybody help me out here?

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