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Thread: Dungeon 166 Map Gallery up

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    Quote Originally Posted by CBDroege View Post
    Hey! It's working now.

    If I subscribed to their magazine, would I get copies of their maps that aren't marked with numbers and letters?

    The maps are dungeon maps, and the Letters depict the Monster. For instance in this map:

    If I were writing the adventure I would say the C was a Carrion Crawler, the S were Shambling Mounds, and the G was a Gelatinous Cube. I don;t know if that is what they actually are, but you get the idea.
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    I don't think so. They did have some examples in previous map galleries for Duneon where they provided both the labelled and unlabelled versions. I don't think it's tied to the subscription.
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    Hmm... I mean, these are pretty useless with the labels on them... For my purposes anyway.

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