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Thread: 2 weeks in Europe - any suggestions

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    Guess this is too late, but for future reference, if anybody is a science or tech geek of any measure, check out the German Museum (Deutsches Museum) in Munich.

    For Berlin, agreed on the Pergamon Museum and if you have spare time visit Nefertiti (well, her bust...) at th e Altes Museum (

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    The Altes Museum is under renovation and we actually saw much of its Egyptian collection in Munich (but not Nefertiti).

    The Pergamon was WONDERFUL can be like no other museum in the world. Sadly I only had 2 hours there. It is one of those museums I'd happily spend 3 days in.

    The huge reconstructions inside the museum were very impressive.

    The European Trains were great: clean, on time, and I didn't have to worry about parking or driving.

    Munich seemed too arrogant but Leipzig was very nice. Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber was a joy and Amsterdam is just a wonderful city. Everything was very expensive.

    Thanks for the advice everyone!
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