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Oh man, you guys have me rolling.

What an awesome idea. I am so going out to my wife's garden and getting some shots...I just better not step on anything or you guys might not hear from me again
You should try being a mathematician or chemist (my two majors in my Uni Degree). You go past and try to resist the urge to correct every half-assed statement involving an equation or a chemical reaction. Luckily my wife is a mathematics teacher, so I can not feel alone in the world when I'm saying "You know those cables form a caternary... the equations for that thing are coool." or "You use this equation from [insert nerd here] and they got transformed by [insert nerd here] to finally become [insert thing most people know]..."

Like the cables forming a caternary, which is not a parabola, which were most elegantly determined using the Lagrangian formula which was then applied in specific examples by Hamilton to form a new version of energy-based physics of small particles (as opposed to Newtonian-force-based physics) which later became the basis for Schrodinger's work on Quantum Physics and the atomic bomb. I mean how cool is that?!?!?!?!

*Wanders off to chalk-board ready to write equations and discuss other cool things from Lagrangian Dynamics*