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Thread: Wacom Bamboo

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    There is a users group for running Wacom tablets under Linux. I understand that they're fairly responsive, but I haven't started experimenting with Linux yet, so I don't have any first-hand knowledge about it. Wacom itself provides no Linux support.

    Since we're on the topic, if you use a tablet under Vista, I recommend uninstalling (or at least turning off) Windows' Tablet PC utility. It conflicted with my Intuous3 driver, randomly turning off pressure sensitivity in Photoshop and preventing me from mapping the drawing surface to a single screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevynxxx View Post
    Slightly off topic, but sine Mid mentioned driver issues

    What experience do people have with using these tablets with Linux?
    I'm running both Graphire and Intuos tablets in Ubuntu Linux (version 9.10 now) without problems. They are automatically in use once plugged in. But to get the Intuos buttons to work, one has to install "wacom-tools" (available in default Ubuntu repository so installing it just a few clicks) package and run a program called "wacomcpl". Wacomcpl has a graphical user interface to define everything related to the tablet (and I do mean everything - like changing the height from which the tablet picks up the pen tip and such tweakings).

    I would imagine Bamboo tablets are well supported since Graphire and Intuos work fine and their penetration in user base must be much smaller than Bamboo.

    I also do have ONE problem which is related to a VirtualBox virtual machine. I have a Windows XP installed in a virtual machine, but Ubuntu is reluctant to let go of the control of the tablet and hence the tablet pressure sensitivity gets lost when used within the virtualized WinXP. Granted it's been a long time since I last tested so it may have been fixed.

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    Cool, thanks, Sounds good.

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