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Thread: a map and program I found

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    Yeah, TG2 uses those similar nodes thingies and loses me.
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    I sent a note to the guy on deviantart asking him to join us here...AND I sent an email to the developer of WM to join us here too...maybe we'll get lucky and open some doors!
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    it was fairly cool i remember, its designed to help create realistic worlds for use in games as well (or at least it can ALSO be used for that)...

    basically it has modules that you piece together to build up the land... so basically you can add a noise module, attach it to a heavy erode module to get a basic landform, then preform erode in more fine detail to get better rivers etc... the trial works well, but i think its one that only allows you to export in a tiny and bad detailed format (like 800x600 which is really crappy detail)...

    i played around with it a bunch a long time ago, so i vaguely remember doing things with it, but i don't remember any specifics.. (i think i was using the first version as well)
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