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Thread: Getting Photoshop to do the hard work...

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    Thanks everyone for the resources. One thing I meant to ask but didn't is... does anyone want the file? Apart from being useful, I figure other people playing with it might generate some more interesting layers. (I noticed someone working on some lava somewhere in these forums, I recall.)

    The only problem is that it's 322MB and I don't have that much web space to host it. Actually, it'd probably be easier to post some textures and instructions.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheMarcus7 View Post
    Joel, where did you get the texture you use for your clif face layer?
    I went to a an old quarry where they do abseiling and took some pictures of rock faces. I use it for the boulders as well (although with a few more layer effects).

    Edit: Made a better cliff effect that overlays on any other layer (in this case, the dirt layer).

    - Joel Fagin
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