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I don't think your original premise was that bad, to be honest.

But if you want to have an explanation for why the ship looks like a winged ship, perhaps you could go back to Spelljammer, have the ship built on the Prime Material Plane and then have a group like the githyanki hijack the ship and take it to the Astral Plane. It could then travel from there to the Abyss and get sold or stolen there.

BTW: I like your moving wing sails. If you read the SJ novel Beyond the Moons, it has a ship with wing sails that smell like cooking meat when they catch fire. Maybe your wing-sails are somehow alive. Perhaps they have been harvested from a giant wyvern-like creature.
Thanks. I really like the idea of the "Wings" being modified in the Abyss. I think I might work that into the descrption for her in the adventure.

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Really nice. I really like flying ships, they are kind of cool. In my Etrakien world they used to have flying ships but they forgot all about them, but around the world you can find the old "airports" that are huge towers that no one knows what they are good for anymore.
Thank you. the "old airport" idea is a really neat one. Things like that would make me want to rediscover flying ships on your world.
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That looks really good JT. I don't think I'd ever be able to do that.
Thanks. You can do it. It just takes some practice and playing around with things untill you get something you like. Give it a try.