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Thread: [WIP] Moonless Falls

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    I like the tone down on the plants, but miss the "grass" since it was thinned out. Either way, it's a great map and you should feel proud...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wannabehero View Post
    So here it is... That's it. I'm done with this now, for the love of god. I think it looks a bit better now, the colors are just a bit more subdued (I think... again, I'm handi-color-capable) and I took out some of the plants whose placement was bothering me.

    Thanks for all the feedback and comments everyone. On to a new project.

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    @Wannabehero - I playtested this map with Pathfinder RPG. The center isle housed a huge black dragon from the new Pathfinder Battles set. The PCs were about 13th level and your waterfall map was projected onto a whiteboard on the table from an overhead projector/mirror setup. I used maptools as the software. The players and I thought the map was stunning. You used just the right amount of color and contrast to make this encounter really "pop".

    There are many other maps here on the guild site, but this waterfall map has some of the greatest "usability" potential for those running games at tabletop, or virtually.

    Thanks so very much for making it. And I hope you'll consider a few more using this same excellent style. Its distinctly unique (your own), and shows a great understanding for the type of map that makes for a memorable encounter!!!

    Take care and best of luck,

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