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Thread: Pirate Cove

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    I'm digging the soft colours and overall design. >.> Looks like a very cozy pirate cove.
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    Thanks Chel and RP for the compliments. I've done another version with the colours dialled down.

    Pirate Cove-darkercove.jpg

    Right, enough tinkering. This one is done.

    @RPMiller: there is no game room for this to be put on the wall of as all game is play are now done over the net with maptool. There's a good two sessions' worth of play in this map though, so they'll definitely get some use out of it. I'm sure the players will appreciate the craftmanship as they get butchered by pirates
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    Quote Originally Posted by torstan View Post
    I'm sure the players will appreciate the craftmanship as they get butchered by pirates
    Excellent! It's good to have a plan.
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    Beautiful, Wonderful, Awe-inspiring piece of work torstan. I know all the hard work you did with the cliffs and such, but my favorite aspect of this map (aside from the wonderful coloring and shading) is the ship. For some reason that just looks..... sexy. yep, that's the word for it!

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