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Thread: Can i put a desert here?

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    So you made the map in Photoshop as two hemispheres, and then added the grid lines afterwards?

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    The graticules appear to be orthographic which isn't usually done with maps like this as it gives fairly ugly distortion around the edges and is neither equivalent nor conformal. Your features don't show the appropriate distortion for an orthographic projection. The typical projection to use for double hemisphere maps like this is Stereographic.

    Mecator Map Vector Template

    Thick lines on a graticule are also a bad idea. Tone them down my making them thinner, not by making them less opaque.

    Finally, there's no way to make a map of an entire hemisphere that preserves distances. You shouldn't include a scale bar unless you are either covering a small area where distances are reasonably consistent, OR you are making a special map that only preserves distances to-from a particular point, which you need to make very clear on your map (the one point would need to be at the centre of an equidistant azimuthal projection for instance)

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